Drive Your Life.

We mean Business…

…more than an idea

Do you think of setting up your own business every now and then? Do you want your job and your life to be your style?

If you are really looking for a sustainable business you should definitely keep reading here.

Biz & Brands offers real businesses and brands such as web solutions and officially registered trademarks. Everything you find here is ready-made and unique. I have no intention of duplicating it. First comes, first (and only) serves. That’s a promise.


You will not find dozens of businesses on this site. At least not for now.

Nevertheless, this page gives you an overview on actual businesses and saves your time to focus on what you are interested in.

Inspiration & Resources

Building and driving a business is a lot of (hard) work. Please allow me to send you the weekly dose of inspiration.

I also created (free) online resources that might help you defining your brand and growing your audience and/or clientele.

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